Helping with reading at home
Support for parents and caregivers
Dear valued educator,

We find ourselves in challenging times, and the learning environments of our students and the ways we interact with them are changing. 

To support your school community during this time Nelson Primary’s Professional Development team are excited to be able to offer Helping With Reading at Home, a webinar focused on enabling parents and caregivers to effectively support their children with reading.

Designed to supplement the work of schools, the webinar will inform parents and caregivers about how to best work with children as they practise and consolidate their reading. This webinar is free of charge.

Full webinar details, including links to view available session times and to register your attendance, can be found below. We ask that you please share this with your school community as you see fit.

Kind regards,
Stephen Graham
Nelson Primary Professional Development
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Reading at home
Helping With Reading at Home
Are you confused about how to help your child with reading?
Do you want to know how to best support your child with their reading progress at home?
Please join us for a one-hour webinar which will provide:
    •  The things I need to know about helping my child to read
    •  Helpful ‘tips’ for reading at home
    •  What to do in getting ready to listen to reading
    •  What to do before, during and after listening to reading.
This session is suitable for parents and caregivers of all
primary-age children, from Foundation to Year 6.